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6 tricks to prevent truck skids.

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6 tricks to prevent truck skids.
Latest company news about 6 tricks to prevent truck skids.

    Light snow falls in many places in winter, which brings a lot of inconvenience to driving on the road, and the vehicle is prone to slippage, which affects driving safety. So how to prevent the vehicle from slipping to a certain extent?

    1. Avoid stepping on the accelerator at the start. When starting, avoid the sudden stepping on the accelerator. Normally, start with 2nd gear. At this time, you can choose 3rd gear. This method reduces truck torque. When accelerating, do not fuel it violently. After the tire rotates at a high speed, the adhesion to the ground is reduced and slipping is likely to occur. If the truck starts to skid, you should immediately close the throttle and adjust the direction to ensure that the vehicle is driving in the correct direction.

   2. Don't change lanes frequently. When you have to overtake, you should also keep a sufficient safety distance from the overtaken, and do not rush to return to the original road after overtaking.

    3. Remember the snow chains on the tires. Snow chains are widely used, and many trucks and cars are equipped with snow chains in winter. After the vehicle is equipped with a snow chain, the friction between the tire and the icy or snowy road or dark ice road can be increased to make driving more stable. It should be noted that the snow chains must be removed in time after passing through the snow and ice roads, otherwise the tires will be greatly damaged.

    4. It is necessary to pay attention when going uphill and downhill in snowy days. At this time, the uphill and downhill are highly dangerous. When going uphill, keep a distance from the car in front, do not stop and stop, and strive for a one-time climb, you must double the distance from the car in front. When going downhill, change to low gear and drive at low speed. If the road conditions are very bad, you can sprinkle some sand in front of and behind the wheel to increase the friction of the wheel.

    5. Choose professional snow tires, which can exert excellent grip and drainage ability on ice and snow. If you encounter snow and ice weather on the way and cannot replace the snow wheel in time, you can deflate the truck tires to increase the contact surface between the tire and the ground to increase the grip of the tire.

    6. Avoid driving the steering wheel, accelerating or braking sharply when driving in snow, and should drive as low as possible. Snowfall will result in icy roads or muddy roads, reducing tire grip. If you are on the road and you experience a vehicle skidding, immediately release the throttle. Do not slam on the brakes as this will likely cause a side slip. If a side slip has occurred, immediately release the brakes so that the steering wheel can regain control of the car.

    Keep the above points in mind to prevent the truck from skidding

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