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Attention of mixer truck

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Attention of mixer truck
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Attention of mixer truck


1.The capacity, quality and collapse degree of concrete conveyed should accord with the standards of concrete industry.

2.In the process of concrete transportation, the tank keeps rotating to prevent concrete from condensing. If the tank stops rotating,it will impact on Hydraulic System and Reducer when the tank resets,leading to damages of hydraulic pumps and motors.

3.When mixer truck running on the road,extended chute must be placed on discharge chute bracket,and tied with a hook,not allowed to hang on the main discharge chute.Main discharge chute must rotate to a fixed position,then pull down the positioning handle,and lock the spring luffing mechanism with the locking handle to prevent the unstable swing, causing injury accidents and affecting the operation of other vehicles.

4.The continuous working time of the working device should not exceed 8 hours.

5.During the non-load operation of the mixer, the mixing drum must not stop to avoid bumping of the raceway and the supporting wheel when bumping, resulting in abnormal damage of the supporting wheel and the raceway.

6.If mixer truck needs to be reversed turning when it is full-load, we should make the mixer stop steady, and then reverse it. It is extremely forbidden to operate the handle in the process of forward turning to reverse turning.

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