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Clutch weight, how to judge and maintenance?

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Clutch weight, how to judge and maintenance?
Latest company news about Clutch weight, how to judge and maintenance?

    A cold autumn rain, the autumn weather is slowly turning cold. It is about to usher in the cold winter. A large part of the elderly will arrive in the winter, and many years of old problems will slowly get on the body, making people miserable. Many vehicles are also like humans, and some faults will emerge in the winter. Nowadays, in order to reduce the driver's driving fatigue, many of the vehicles use the gas-top oil boosting method. In the case of a heavy clutch in a driving vehicle, the following aspects are generally considered.

    Checking the air pressure firstly . Under normal circumstances, the clutch pedal of 6 or more air pressure can work normally. If the display on the instrument panel is normal, the air pressure of the clutch cylinder is low, check the four-way return air valve on the vehicle, and the air volume of all the single pressure regulators on the vehicle. Second, checking the air pipe connection of the air distribution valve for air leakage. There is a small filter inside the air distribution valve. Whether the intake air is not smooth due to the blockage caused by long time no maintenance, the clutch booster pump can not get the assistant effect, so the clutch is heavy. Third, if there is no problem at the above two points, directly consider the failure of the clutch cylinder. Excluding the above two points is normal, the clutch cylinder has no problem, directly consider whether the clutch pressure plate and the clutch plate wear for a long time, and the dust inside the claw is too much, so that the claw is too hard to make the clutch heavy. Fourth, checking if the fork bushings and forks are seriously worn. Whether the separation bearing wears for a long time causes the clutch release bearing to be loose or the force to be uneven, resulting in heavy clutch.

    So how to solve the clutch pedal height?Many drivers have experienced the situation that the clutch pedal is high and low during normal driving, sometimes high, and sometimes suddenly becomes low. First check that your clutch is lacking in oil. Then check the problem of the master pump or the sub-pump. If the master pump is equipped with an adjustment lever, the screw can be directly adjusted. If it is short, it will be shortened or shortened. On the contrary, the elongation is to increase. If the clutch pedal is easy to step on, the clutch should not be separated. Then you should consider the lack of clutch oil? If you don't need it, you can consider the clutch master cylinder to relieve pressure. Because the master cylinder gives the clutch pressure, or adjusts the clutch cylinder, the elongation is increased, and the shortening is lower. If it is said that the clutch is short of oil, it is necessary to consider the damage of the clutch cylinder. Now it is basically a clutch that is free of adjustment. If the clutch slips and the gear does not go, the problem of the clutch plate can be directly considered.

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