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Correct Maintenance Skills of Automotive Wipers

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Correct Maintenance Skills of Automotive Wipers
Latest company news about Correct Maintenance Skills of Automotive Wipers

Correct Maintenance Skills of Automotive Wipers


How to maintain the wiper correctly?


Wipers are rubber products. Like other rubber products, wipers will age. If you want it to last long and scrape clean, you must maintain it regularly. What we call the maintenance of wipers is mainly manifested in keeping the wiper blade clean, avoiding excessive residue on the wiper blade, and not mixing foreign matter. If the wiper is mixed with foreign matter, it will inevitably scrape unclean, not only accelerating the aging speed of the wiper, but also easy to scrape the windshield.


The correct way is that we should remove foreign matter and dirt from the wiper strip every time we wash the car. It's better to wash with water first, then wipe the wiper strip with cotton cloth or paper towel. This will not only clean the wiper, but also wiper can use a long time.


What matters should we pay attention to in daily use of wipers?


1. Avoid dry scraping

Glass water is very cheap, Auto Parts City to buy only a few dollars a bottle, do not hesitate to use. Especially in sunny days, a little floating soil must not be dry scraped, to cooperate with the glass water, otherwise it will seriously damage the rubber wiper.


2.Reduce sun exposure

Vehicles parked under the hot sun, the front windshield temperature is very high, wiper strip on the glass will accelerate aging due to high temperature. Therefore, when the vehicle is parked in an outdoor parking lot, we can erect the wiper, reduce the contact between the wiper strip and the hot glass, and prolong the wiper's service life.


3. Don't change wiper size at will

Some owners always like to buy a 1-2 inch longer wiper blade when replacing it. They feel that the blow area is bigger and the effect is better. In fact, this is wrong. If the wiper blade is too long, it may grind the A-pillar ornament or the front windshield cover, which can cause resonance and abnormal noise. The right choice is the special size for the special car.


Summary and suggestions


Generally, the service life of wiper blade is about 1-2 years, and it can be used for 3-4 years if it is maintained well. When it is found that some scrapes are not clean, they can be polished and renovated with fine sandpaper, which is said to have certain effect. If the scraping is not clean enough, it is better to replace it as soon as possible. After all, the price is not expensive and the replacement is relatively simple. The most important thing is that it can ensure that your vision is clear enough when it rains to avoid potential safety hazards.

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