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Detailed description of parts and characteristics of winch

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Detailed description of parts and characteristics of winch
Latest company news about Detailed description of parts and characteristics of winch

Detailed description of parts and characteristics of winch


Winch is a machine with vertically mounted mooring drum that can wind but not store ropes under power drive. It also refers to the winch whose axis of rotation is perpendicular to the deck. It is the self-protection and traction device of vehicles and ships. Self-rescue and rescue can be carried out in snow, swamp, desert, beach, muddy mountain road and other harsh environments. And under other conditions, obstacle clearance, dragging goods, installation facilities and other operations can be carried out. It is an indispensable safety device for military and police, oil, hydrology, environmental protection, forestry, transportation, public security, frontier defense, fire protection and other outdoor sports. It is mainly used for off-road vehicles, agricultural vehicles, ATV all-terrain vehicles, yachts, fire rescue vehicles, road clearance vehicles and other special vehicles.


Component parts


1.Relay transmission. The relay transmission receives signals from the remote control, and the internal part of the relay transmission is a complete circuit which can change the direction of the motor.


2.Motor. There is a DC motor in this part. And there is a cooling fan in the winch model to prevent the winch from overheating.


3.Stranded index guide. If it is necessary to work at a certain angle with a strand, the guide can direct the strand to the drum wheel. If there is a roller, it is called the roller strand index guide.


4.Noose drum. Like the cylinder body wound by the strand, the noose drum is driven by an electric motor. And the direction can be changed by the remote control button. Heavy winches have heavier noose and larger drums.


5.Clutch. The clutch is responsible for switching the noose drum and is controlled by a simple handle.


6.Remote control. The remote control can control the noose from a distance. The common model has a wire connected to the winch, and there are wireless remote controllers on the market.




1.The pulling force of winch is fixed by pounds, which can be converted into tons or kilograms by conversion. It's better to choose winches with high pounds, because the weight of vehicles in distress is often much higher than the daily weight of vehicles. Do not pull objects that exceed the winch's traction.


2.The more loops the winch's cable wraps around the reel, the smaller the pull force of the outer ring. The long scroll winch of the reel can reduce the number of winding cycles and increase the traction of the outer ring. For the same winch, the outer ring traction force of the cable is greater when the shorter cable is used.

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