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Detection Method of Six Components of Sprinkler

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Detection Method of Six Components of Sprinkler
Latest company news about Detection Method of Six Components of Sprinkler

Detection Method of Six Components of Sprinkler


The sprinkler will have some symptoms more or less after several days of rain and storms and long-distance bumps, just as people will have physical discomfort after overwork. At this time, we need to test the following six parts of the sprinkler:


1.Check the appearance and paint. The appearance mentioned here includes the body surface and all the parts you can see. As high-speed driving inevitably bumps into small bouncing stones on the road, causing damage to the paint surface, then the inspection method is to thoroughly wash the sprinkler, and then around the sprinkler two times, carefully observe whether there are scratches on the paint surface and other parts are damaged.


2.Inspection of sprinkler engine oil. Generally speaking, the lack of oil after long-distance driving is a common phenomenon. If you forget the previous oil label, don't blindly add new oil at this time, because the mixed use of different label oil may cause adverse result. Experts said that the correct way is to select the same label to add after the original oil label is clear. If your maintenance time is approaching, then simply clean the original oil and add new oil.


3.Check the internal parts of the sprinkler. After a long journey, one of the components in the engine compartment needs to be inspected, which is the "air filter". If you travel with more dust than in the city, the sprinkler air filter may absorb too much dust during this period, and if the dust enters the sprinkler engine, it will cause wear and tear of all parts of the engine. If the air filter is blocked, the air intake of the engine will be blocked and the power will decrease. Therefore, it is necessary to remove the air filter and check it.


4.Check sprinkler brake system. Visual measurement of brake disc surface through aluminium alloy steel ring of tire. The surface of the brake disc was originally smooth. If there were obvious grooves, it might be that when the sprinkler was running on the gravel road, some small gravel was stuck between the brake disc and the fender, constantly rubbing the surface of the brake disc, so there were grooves. When this happens, the sprinkler may make a noise while running, and in some cases it will hear a scream.


5.Check the chassis. Car owners can recall whether they scraped the chassis during driving. At the same time, whether there are obvious changes before and after the sprinkler vacation is compared, if there are chassis abnormal noise, steering wheel jitter, sprinkler parking location oil stains and other phenomena, that means that the chassis has been damaged. This is because some parts of the chassis are deformed after the road obstacles scratch the chassis, especially the upper and lower swing arms, left and right direction pull rods and so on. Some slight scratches can also cause slight leakage of oil pan or corrugated tank oil pan, which can not be detected in time by the owner's own inspection.


6.Check the glass of the sprinkler. Speaking of glass maintenance, you will be surprised, besides water cleaning, glass can also have any maintenance? In fact, glass maintenance is very knowledgeable, not all problems can be solved by rinsing with clean water. For example, glass may not be visible to the naked eye after it is greased. but the wiper of the sprinkler will greatly reduce the efficiency of wiping, at this time it is necessary to use degreasing detergent to remove these oils. There are also permanent scratches on windshield caused by the inclusion of gravel in wipers, and injuries caused by the impact of stones on the glass. Therefore, the inspection of the whole vehicle glass of sprinkler can not be neglected.

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