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Emergency measures for brake failure of semi-trailer

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Emergency measures for brake failure of semi-trailer
Latest company news about Emergency measures for brake failure of semi-trailer

    What should we do if the semi-trailer suddenly fails to brake? Drivers should know more about common sense in this area. They can save lives at the crucial moment. Here are some tips for drivers to help you with semi-trailer failures.

    There are many reasons for the failure of the trailer brake. There are three main points:First, the brake system lacks the necessary maintenance, the brake master cylinder contains too much impurities, the seal is not strict, the vacuum booster pump fails, the brake oil is dirty or the brake fluid is mixed and used, the air resistance occurs, the brake master cylinder or the sub-pump Leakage of oil leakage, gas storage tank or pipeline interface;Second, due to improper operation, the machine fails;Third, due to the serious overload, under the action of gravity acceleration, the vehicle's motion inertia is increased, which directly leads to brake failure.

    If the vehicle fails to brake during driving, what should the semi-trailer driver respond to?

    1. When the semi-trailer is on the long slope or steep slope, the brake should be pressed regardless of the condition. It can not only check the braking performance, but also win the time to control the speed when the brake fails, also known as the predictive brake.

    2. According to the road conditions and speed, control the direction, take off the high-speed gear, and at the same time blast the air and the high-speed gear into the low-speed gear. In this way, the timing of the launch has a large traction resistance and the speed of the vehicle is rapidly reduced. In addition, while changing the low gear, the hand brake should be used separately, but be careful that the hand brake cannot be tightened or pulled too slowly. If the tension is too tight, it is easy to "lock" the brake disc, which may damage the transmission mechanism and lose the braking ability; if it is pulled too slowly, the brake disc will wear and ablate and lose the braking effect.

    3. The steel parts such as the bumper and the compartment of the application vehicle are rubbed and collided with the natural obstacles (rocks, trees or soil slopes) on the roadside, and the purpose of forcible parking is removed, and the accident loss is reduced as much as possible.

    4, When the downhill brake failure, can not use the vehicle's own mechanism to control the speed, the driver should decisively use natural obstacles, such as roadside rocks, trees, etc., to form a resistance to the car. If you can't find suitable terrain and objects can be applied at a time, you can close one side of the car body to the mountain side in an emergency, increase friction with friction, and gradually reduce the speed.

    5. If the semi-trailer is uphill, the brakes will fail. It should be reduced to the middle and low gears in a timely manner. Adhere enough power to drive up the slope. Stop the low gear and tighten the hand brake. The truck personnel should use the stones in time. Studs and other things get stuck in the wheels. If there is back-slip, the rear of the car should face the hillside or the safe side, and turn on the headlights and emergency lights to catch the attention of the vehicles before and after.

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