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How the sprinkler absorbs water

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How the sprinkler absorbs water
Latest company news about How the sprinkler absorbs water

How the sprinkler absorbs water


The general sprinkler has the function of pumping water. It can directly draw water from lakes, rivers and ponds into the inner part of the sprinkler tank, and it can also access the fire hydrant to get water. So what is the pumping process of the sprinkler? Now, sprinkler operators introduce sprinkler how to absorb water, generally there are the following points:


1. the sprinkler should be as close as possible to the water absorption point and stop.


2.Open the side door of the hose box, take out the suction hose and make it swing backward without bending.


3.One end of the suction hose is connected to the four-way valve, and the other end is as deep as possible into the water to ensure that the end of the hose is always below 300 mm from the liquid level during operation.


4.Push the four-way valve handle to the cab direction and parallel to the pipeline (each manufacturer installs in different directions, remember, four-positions three-way valve, marking point to which side corresponding to the closed state).


5.Put the transmission into neutral gear, then start the engine, separate the clutch, pull the power take-off switch backwards, and then shift the gear to take the force, and the pump starts to run.


6.Operators can observe the water level through the observation mirror at the top of the back head. When the tank is full of water, close the force taker. At the same time, the suction hose should be quickly pulled off the water surface or the four-way valve should be closed.


7.After the hose is retracted, put it back in the hose box, close the side door, and it is OK.

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