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How to choose the right transport model?

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How to choose the right transport model?
Latest company news about How to choose the right transport model?

    With the rise of the express delivery industry, the transportation industry is developing rapidly, and more and more people want to engage in transportation. However, it has not been started yet and it has been stuck on the starting line. why?

    It is because the car is not chosen well. Be aware that in the transportation industry, cars and drivers are equally important. The transport vehicle is also divided into many types. If the transport vehicle is not selected, it basically has no connection with this industry. The most common tops on the market today are mainly vans, flats, bins and tents. And they have their own advantages and disadvantages. Faced with different sources of supply and different transportation needs, different light trucks may be required, so before you run the transport, you must think about what type of light truck you need.

    1. Van light card is the most common light card on the market, and it is also the most. This type of light card is designed to save the driver's peace of mind, waterproof and anti-theft, reducing the risk factor on the road. At the same time, this light card does not need to cover the tarpaulin, which saves a lot of trouble. Then again, the loading and unloading of this car is relatively convenient, and the sealing is very good, it can be said that it is very popular among drivers. But relatively speaking, the loading of this type of truck is not as good as that of the warehouse. However, due to its obvious advantages, this light card is currently the most popular on the market. And because of the popularity of logistics, such cars will be more popular in the future.

    2. Compared with the van light truck, the warehouse truck also has its own unique advantage, that is, the load of the warehouse truck is larger. You should know that in places where there is sufficient supply, the barn is more popular than other cars because it has a much higher load than other cars. Moreover, it is convenient in loading and unloading, and does not require too complicated operations. However, the barn does not have its own cover, and it has a large short board in the case of theft and sealing. However, if you want to transport fruits and vegetables, it is best to use a barn. Relatively speaking, it is more breathable and keeps it fresher.

    3. The hurdle car is the most suitable for transporting large pieces of goods. Its loading capacity is very powerful. In addition to this there is a huge advantage, that is cheap. Relatively speaking, the flatbed is much cheaper than the two types of cars above.

    4. The last common transport vehicle is the pontoon transporter. This kind of transporter is actually based on the van type and has opened a top bin, so its range will definitely become larger, and then the quantity of loading. It is bigger than the general van. At the same time, because of the similarity with the van, the anti-theft performance of this car is also better. But now there are fewer manufacturers producing such cars, many of which are modified.

    Each model is a combination of strengths and weaknesses. When making a choice, what we need to do most is to consider the goods, weather, load, etc., and then make specific choices.


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