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How to drive when the road is icy?(一)

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How to drive when the road is icy?(一)
Latest company news about How to drive when the road is icy?(一)

    1. The vehicle speed is lower than 40km / h, and the vehicle will not change lanes randomly. When the vehicle is driving on an icy road, the braking distance of the vehicle will be longer than that of a dry road. It takes 21.1m to decelerate from 40km / h to 5km / h on ice and snow roads, which is almost equivalent to the distance required to decelerate to 70km / h on dry roads, and the braking distance to decelerate to 100km / h on ice and snow roads exceeds 150m. When driving on icy roads, the speed should be lower than 40km / h. Straighten more and do not change lanes lightly. When you have to overtake, also keep a sufficient safety distance from the overtaken, and do not rush to return to the original road after overtaking, but pull away enough distance from the back car and then return to the original road. If the road surface is inclined or arched, you should choose a flat place or the middle of the road; if there is a rut, you should follow the rut; when the rut is frozen and shallow, you should drive on the rut. 

    2. Keep the distance from the vehicle and gently press the accelerator brake. When driving the vehicle on icy roads, it is easy to stop the vehicle or the vehicle is slipping. When you change lanes in front of the vehicle, be sure to step on the brakes gently and keep the direction. Should pay attention to driving gently, the distance from the car in front should be twice as usual, to avoid too close to the car, maintain a safe distance of at least 10 meters, so that you can detect the situation early and respond in time. At the same time try to keep driving straight, do not easily change lanes frequently, overtaking. The throttle should be stepped on or released slowly to prevent the drive wheels from slipping due to sudden acceleration or deceleration.

    3. Attentions for uphill and turning: You will inevitably encounter ramps and curves when driving on the road, especially the ramps of the overpass, which are both ramps and curves. If the road surface freezes here, it will be more than other sections Prone to accidents. It is necessary to decelerate in advance when cornering, keep the vehicle speed to turn at a low speed, and overtaking or changing lanes on the curve is prohibited. When going uphill, try to keep the low gear as much as possible and avoid shifting. For automatic vehicles, please switch to manual mode M1 to go uphill. When going downhill, you should avoid neutral taxiing. Be careful not to step on the brake, and gently press the brake to slow down. At the same time, you can use the lower gear to help reduce the speed.

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