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How to Maintain Brake System

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How to Maintain Brake System
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How to Maintain Brake System


Brakes can be said to be very important and very vulnerable automotive parts. Once the brakes fail, serious traffic accidents may occur. I believe that many people are aware of the importance of braking, then how to maintain the brake?


1. Change brake pads according to mileage


The braking effect of a car is ultimately determined by the brake pads, so keeping the brake pads in good condition is the most direct maintenance method of the brake system. Brake pads and brake discs (drums) have active life and must be replaced when they wear to a certain extent. Normal use in general urban driving, their life span is about 50,000 kilometers, the life span of brake pads is about 30,000 kilometers. But the specific situation also depends on the owner's operation, preferably every 10,000 kilometers check.


2.Regular replacement of brake oil


Brake oil is a kind of oil which has great influence on brake system besides brake pads. The key point of maintenance is to ensure that it does not deteriorate, especially to prevent water infiltration. The brake oil should be replaced once for every 50,000 kilometers. If you drive in wet areas for a long time, the oil change cycle should be shortened appropriately.


3.Attention should be paid to the running-in of brake system for new cars


The new car has a running-in period in its early use, and the indispensable part is the running-in of the brake system. Running-in of the first 1000 kilometers of a new car is important, and the braking system also needs to run-in. It is better not to have emergency braking. In order to run in smoothly, the clutch should be stepped down before stepping on the brake, but this is only a temporary measure in extraordinary times. After 1000 kilometers, in order to prolong the life of the clutch, it is still necessary to "brake first and then clutch".


4.When braking, the deviation of the car must be adjusted immediately.


When braking, the car obviously deviates to the left or right, which is caused by the asynchronism of the front wheel brake. It is very easy to cause accidents because of the left (right) brake grabbing, especially when driving at high speed, it is necessary to immediately go to the repair shop to adjust the brake.

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