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How to maintain refrigerated trucks

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How to maintain refrigerated trucks
Latest company news about How to maintain refrigerated trucks

Refrigerated trucks are profit-making tools for the vast number of merchants. They are different from other special-purpose vehicles. Refrigerated trucks are used almost every day. Maintenance in this respect needs to be taken seriously by the vast number of merchants. Today, I would like to introduce to you what should be paid attention to in the daily use of refrigeration units of refrigerated trucks.


1.The goods need to be pre-cooled

Refrigeration truck should run refrigeration unit before loading goods in order to ensure that the temperature in the compartment reaches the safe temperature of goods. Refrigerated truck is mainly used for refrigeration and freshness preservation during the transportation of goods, and the amount of refrigeration consumed by pre-cooling and refrigeration of goods is huge, refrigerated truck units can not afford, and the refrigeration of goods still depends on cold storage. The pre-cooled carriage can make the carriage reach the specified temperature, and there will be no loss of cooling capacity after loading, so as to ensure the freshness of the goods in transit.


2.Manual defrosting is very important

Refrigerated truck refrigerating units are regularly defrosting, but manual defrosting is also important. Some customers will feel that the refrigeration unit is not refrigerated after the refrigerated truck has been used for a long time. In fact, this is not the unit cooling effect deterioration, but the need for defrosting. Generally, if the parking and loading time of refrigerated truck is too long, after 15 minutes of pneumatic operation, manual defrosting is recommended, so that the refrigeration unit can play a better refrigeration effect.


3.Leave a gap when loading goods

The space inside the refrigerated truck is limited, and the cargo can not be loaded too much, there must be some gap. When transporting goods, many businessmen pack the carriage full in order to be able to load more goods. Little do they know that this will affect the cold air flow in the carriage and affect the quality of some goods. The minimum gap of 10 cm should be left around the cargo in the carriage, and the cargo should not be accumulated at the entrance and exit of the air-conditioning and on the roof of the carriage, so as to make the air-conditioning circulate normally in the carriage and keep it fresh.

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