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How to maintain the truck?

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How to maintain the truck?
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    Large trucks are running long distances every day, not only with long distances but also with heavy loads. Therefore, the loss is huge. Many unmaintained trucks started to have small problems in a few months, so truck maintenance is critical. What should I do with vehicle maintenance?

    1. If a person is clean, it is not easy to get sick. If the car is clean, it is not easy to have problems. So remember, if you have time, give our big card a "bath". Clean the big card in two steps. One is to clean the body, the other is to clean the glass, which requires different cleaning methods. Clean the car body, you need a clean flannel, don't get rid of the hair, otherwise it will only get rubbed more and more dirty, after hard washing, it will become a starry sky. Secondly, it is necessary to use gasoline. It can not only take away the organic dirt that is difficult to dissolve on the body, but also restore the brilliance of the body. It looks like the new one, and has a face. After the gasoline has evaporated, wipe the body with a clean, damp cloth. Use a detergent to remove dust and oil. Then, wipe the instrument panel and other components by the way, in time to remove dust and oil stains inside the car, to keep the car inside clean and comfortable. Once the body is stuck with acid, be sure to rinse immediately. Especially after the rain, you can't care about the truck. After the rain, it must be washed in time, because a lot of rainwater is acidic, it will corrode the body paint, and let the new car become old, it is as simple as that. Park the car in a cool place as far as possible to prevent the paint from falling off due to direct sunlight.

    2. Trucks often have to carry heavy "shells" on the road, so hundreds of tons of cargo will cause the truck's engine to be damaged due to overloading, which not only increases the oil cost several times, but also damages the engine and tires. . Therefore, drivers who often pull heavy objects should regularly check the tire pressure and tire wear, shorten the maintenance period and use the appropriate oil. It can reduce the friction of the engine and provide more power for the truck.

    3. Good driving habits can keep the truck at a constant speed, which not only saves fuel, but also prevents sludge and carbon deposits in the oil passage. These wastes are blocked in the oil passage for a long time, which will affect the normal operation of the big card. Therefore, it is a long-term maintenance plan to plan the driving distance and avoid the stop-and-go and emergency brakes.

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