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How to Solve Braking Clearance of Special Purpose Vehicle

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How to Solve Braking Clearance of Special Purpose Vehicle
Latest company news about How to Solve Braking Clearance of Special Purpose Vehicle

Special purpose vehicles are divided into sanitation vehicles, engineering vehicles, special vehicles, cargo transport vehicles and so on. Special purpose vehicles play an important role in modern construction, such as mixer trucks can be used in construction sites to improve work efficiency. Barrier removal vehicles can be used for the transportation of accident vehicles, and sewage suction vehicles can be used for sewage suction in urban areas, etc. The braking system is indispensable for all vehicles. It has been found through research that there are many traffic accidents caused by braking system faults. Therefore, drivers of special purpose vehicles must check the braking system frequently, especially the braking clearance and the thickness of braking shoes. Next, I will introduce to you the adjustment method of brake clearance.


Gap adjustment of camshaft brake

First of all, we should talk about its working principle: compressed air enters the brake cylinder, the push rod of the brake cylinder pushes outward due to the action of air pressure, drives the movement of the adjusting arm, drives the camshaft to rotate, the S-cam at the other end of the camshaft drives the brake shoe to move outward, contacts the brake hub, generates braking force, and the vehicle can decelerate and stop. After a certain period of time, the brake shoe will gradually become thinner, and the brake clearance will become larger and larger. If not adjusted in time, push the brake cylinder to the bottom,the brake shoe and the brake hub will not touch or even have no strength in contact, so there will be no brake.


The key component of adjusting brake clearance is adjusting arm, which is divided into automatic adjusting arm and manual adjusting arm. Manual adjusting arm adjustment method: adjust the brake clearance by adjusting the nut in the locking device, open the observation hole on the dust cover, observe the adjusting nut which makes the brake clearance smaller and rotate, stop when there is no clearance and obviously increase, then rotate 180 degrees in the opposite direction, and adjust it. The automatic adjusting arm generally does not need manual adjustment. But the quality of the automatic adjusting arm is generally not as good as that of the manual adjusting arm.


When there is braking clearance in your vehicle braking system, you must adjust it in time, otherwise it may cause irreparable losses.


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