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Mistakes in Maintenance of Concrete Mixer

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Mistakes in Maintenance of Concrete Mixer
Latest company news about Mistakes in Maintenance of Concrete Mixer

Mistakes in Maintenance of Concrete Mixer


  • Remove the engine thermostat blindly


If the thermostat is blindly removed due to high engine temperature, coolant can only be circulated in a large scale, and can not adjust the cooling intensity.

It is difficult to ensure that the engine works at a suitable temperature. On the contrary, the engine often operates at low temperature. As a result, engine power decreases, wear and tear speeds up and fuel consumption increases. If the engine thermostat fails to be repaired or replaced, and the temperature of the engine is still high, the other parts of the cooling system should be repaired and the thermostat cannot be removed.


  • Engine temperature is afraid of high but not low


Some people think that when driving, the engine temperature is afraid of high but not low. In fact, when the engine temperature is low, it is also harmful. The service life of the engine can be guaranteed only when the concrete mixer is driven at the normal temperature specified in the operation instruction.


  • The tighter the belt of pump fan, the better


Not that the tighter the belt, the better. Too tight belt will not only lengthen or break, but also shorten the service life of belt. In addition, it will cause deformation and bending of generator shaft and pump shaft and early damage of bearing due to excessive tension. The elasticity of fan belt of concrete mixer engine should meet the technical requirements, and the deflection of normal belt assembly should be 10-15 mm.


  • Engine heat up at idle speed


When heating up at idle speed, the oil pump can not press the lubricating oil into the lubricating surfaces quickly because of the low speed. The oil pressure is also low, which makes the moving parts of the engine work in the state of friction or semi-friction. Due to poor low-temperature atomization of fuel, unburned fuel rushes into the crankcase, washes away the oil film on the cylinder wall, and accelerates the wear and tear of engine parts. Therefore, after a few seconds of engine startup, idle heating is applied to improve the lubrication condition of the engine.


  • Baking Oil Bottom with Blowtorch


Baking oil bottom with a blowtorch in winter will not only cause chemical changes in additives in engine oil and lose of original performance, but also will make the oil cementation and oil bottom deformation, which is easy to cause fire. The safest way is to choose the appropriate oil according to the local minimum temperature in winter. Where conditions permit, vehicles can be parked in garages with insulation facilities.

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