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Notes on fuel tanker transportation.

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Notes on fuel tanker transportation.
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    Tank trucks often transport some flammable and explosive oil products, and they are also a kind of dangerous goods transport vehicles. Therefore, newly purchased oil tankers need to apply for a dangerous goods transport certificate, and the dangerous goods transport certificate usually goes to the Transportation Management Bureau. To do this, you need to provide the ID card of the tanker owner, a passport-free photo, fill out the application form provided by the Transportation Management Bureau, and the unit with the transportation of dangerous goods affixes the official seal. Receive training after submission and qualify for the exam.

    Enterprises engaged in the transportation of road dangerous goods shall update and improve the safety production management system, improve emergency plans for road dangerous goods transportation accidents, and inspect, supplement, rectify, and submit inspections for tank trucks and equipment. The technical level of the tanker truck shall meet the requirements of the first-class vehicle. Yellow, black or red and white diagonal lines shall be printed on the tanker's logo lights, signs, and front and rear bumpers. The tanker truck should be equipped with a running state recording device and necessary communication tools, namely GPS. In addition, the corresponding insulation, static electricity, power supply and other devices should be installed. 

    Tanker trucks must make and paste warning signs in accordance with regulations. Tanker trucks or tanks should be equipped with notice boards at the back, which indicate the name, type, tank volume, maximum load, rescue method, and telephone number of the company; Or "Burst" text; reflective tapes are attached to the back and sides of the tanker or tank.

    Tanker trucks capable of carrying two or more types of dangerous goods shall make separate notice boards for each type of dangerous goods and use them accordingly. The notice board is removable. Dangerous goods transportation vehicles shall go to the public security vehicle management department of the place where the vehicle is domiciled to undergo a vehicle safety technical inspection. Tanks and tank cars shall be inspected by the quality supervision department, and relevant employees shall receive training.

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