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Pay more attention to the maintenance of trucks in winter

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Pay more attention to the maintenance of trucks in winter
Latest company news about Pay more attention to the maintenance of trucks in winter

    Under the dual pressure of severe weather and transportation pressure in winter, all aspects of the truck are tested. Many truck traffic accidents occur every year because of icy or slippery roads or low visibility of rain and snow, resulting in brake failure. Many truck drivers are unable to complete transportation tasks due to frozen water tanks or engine bursts, making it difficult for families to live in the wilderness. Therefore, in addition to maintaining sufficient physical strength and keen observation, truck drivers must also pay attention to the maintenance and repair of truck.

    1. Go to a regular and qualified place for maintenance. Before the truck goes on the road, you must ensure that the vehicle is in good driving conditions, and go to regular places to check, so as not to cause problems on the road due to inadequate inspection or failure to meet the standards, which is prone to avoidable accidents and delay the transportation process, which may affect The performance of the transportation contract results in economic losses.


    2. What aspects should you pay attention to during maintenance?

(1) The brake system, whether the brake pads are too tight, too loose or too thin, all of the above need to be replaced to ensure their good braking performance.

(2) Whether there are cracks in the water tank, whether the antifreeze is sufficient and up to standard.

(3) For tires, balance the tire pressure before hitting the road. Check the wear of the tire pattern, whether there are stones or nails in the pattern gap, and whether the spare tire is properly placed.

(4) Whether the fuel tank is leaking oil, the filter needs no cleaning. Whether the fuel tank cap is damaged or not and whether the tightness is appropriate.


    3. Maintenance of other parts.

(1) Clean the wiper and add glass water suitable for low temperature weather.

(2) The door locks on the car body are made of iron, which is susceptible to rust in rain and snow, and easy to loose after long-term use. There is a danger of falling off without careful inspection, which is detrimental to pedestrians and cargo.


    In winter, there is a large amount of cargo transportation, there is more severe weather such as rain and snow, and the road conditions are complicated. In addition to taking care of themselves and properly arranging driving time, truck drivers should pay special attention to the inspection and maintenance of trucks. Don't drive at speed and fatigue, always pay attention to safety.

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