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Safety tips for winter road traffic.

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Safety tips for winter road traffic.
Latest company news about Safety tips for winter road traffic.

    As winter approaches, severe weather such as rain, snow, and icing occur frequently, increasing road traffic safety risks and increasing risks. In order to strengthen proactive prevention, ensure road traffic safety, prevent road traffic accidents, winter road traffic safety tips:

    1. Use lights properly. Bad weather such as freezing, snow, and fog is frequent in autumn and winter. Drivers are advised to pay attention to weather changes, plan travel time reasonably, and avoid morning and midnight fog-prone periods. When driving in bad weather, use lights properly, reduce vehicle speed, and keep cars. Distance, drive cautiously.
Accidents are frequent during autumn and winter from dusk to night. Avoid driving at night as much as possible when driving. If you have to travel at night, you should reduce the speed, keep your concentration, pay attention to the road conditions, and use the lights properly. You should change the near and far lights in time when you are driving. Do not use the high beams for a long time.

    2. Keep a safe distance. When driving in a foggy day, turn on the fog lights to control the speed and maintain a safe distance. The rain and snow weather in winter will gradually increase. The rain and snow weather will not only affect the driver's sight, but also cause the road to be slippery due to rain and snow.
Therefore, the braking distance will be increased accordingly. In rainy and snowy weather, keep a safe distance before and after to avoid rear-end collisions. In winter, we need to replace and clean the wipers in time to prevent the wipers from getting dirty and affecting our sight.

    3. Please don't be distracted by driving. When driving a vehicle, you must always observe the situation on the road ahead, do not answer mobile phones, do not check, send text messages, WeChat, do not talk with fellow passengers, and drive safely and civilly. When driving in bad weather, you must pay more attention to maintaining “slow” and “steady”, pay attention to civility and politeness, and slow down in advance in case of circumstances.

    4. Strengthen vehicle safety maintenance. Winter temperatures are low, and drivers should pay attention to strengthening vehicle safety and maintenance. Before traveling, be sure to check the condition of the car, especially pay attention to whether the tire pressure is normal, and check whether the lights, horns, steering, brakes, wipers and other components are normal and effective. Passenger buses must be inspected regularly to ensure safety.

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