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Some common mistakes in dump truck drivers!

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Some common mistakes in dump truck drivers!
Latest company news about Some common mistakes in dump truck drivers!

    Dump trucks are high-load and vulnerable engineering vehicles. Some of the dump truck damages are caused by normal use. However, many times the wrong operation of dump truck drivers has caused accidental damage to the cylinders of dump trucks and dump trucks. Several common mistakes are listed below. Operation, I hope that the driver friend can attract attention.

    1. When the dump truck engine is running, the power take-off is "on" and the lift handle is in "lifting" and the clutch is lifted. Due to the sudden engagement, the power take-off, the oil pump drive shaft and the oil pump cause a large impact load, which is easy to cause early damage (generally, the oil pump drive shaft is damaged). When the engine is running at high speed, the car is full, and the viscosity of the cold hydraulic oil is high in winter.

    2. Suddenly push the lifting handle to the “down position” during the full load lift. At this time, the car does not land slowly, but rushes down, which will bring a great impact to the frame and even an accident. Although the single-acting piston type hydraulic cylinder is provided with a throttling device to ensure that the throttle action is automatically slowed down before the end of the cabin is lowered, the effect of the fully loaded carriage is not obvious, and therefore, the above operation should be avoided as much as possible. If you have special circumstances, you must also be careful to try to slow down the landing speed. You must not accidentally drop the car to the end.

    3. After unloading the goods, do not disengage the power take-off or forget to take off the power take-off, so that when the car is driving, because the power take-off is in the "engaged" position, the lift pump is in the "small cycle" state. High speed and no load operation for a long time. The so-called "small cycle" means that the hydraulic oil only circulates between the high and low pressure circuits of the oil pump during operation of the oil pump. In this case, the temperature of the hydraulic oil rises rapidly, which is easy to cause damage to the oil seal of the oil pump, and even the phenomenon of “burning out” of the oil pump; in addition, when the vehicle is driving at a high speed, the drive shaft of the oil pump will also cause early damage under the action of excessive centrifugal force. . What is more serious is that the operation of the oil pump means that the hydraulic system has a power source, and the car automatically rises due to various reasons during the driving process. Therefore, when unloading the goods, it is necessary to disengage in time and confirm that the power take-off has been disengaged and then the vehicle is driven.

    4. Use the slamming car - slam the brakes to unload. Because the inertial force of the slamming car is very large (usually 5~20 times of the rated lifting force), it is easy to cause permanent deformation of the frame, the welding of the carriage and the frame, the burning of the oil pump or the destruction of the sealing ring, the destruction of the hydraulic cylinder and the like. The service life of the vehicle is reduced, and in serious cases, there will be a rollover accident. Therefore, the general dump truck is prohibited from driving when lifting.

    5 When the vehicle is driving, the power take-off is in the "on" position: if it is in the "on" state (red light is on), the oil pump will continue to rotate, and the hydraulic system has a power source, which will be because it is on the pneumatic control valve. The wrong operation causes the car to automatically lift; at this time, even if the air control distribution valve is in the "down" position, the oil will enter the oil pump, which will cause the oil pump to burn out.

    6. When driving, place the lifting handle in the “intermediate stop” position: the hydraulic system is in the closed state at this time, and the impact of the ground can be transmitted to the car through the lifting mechanism during driving, which is easy to damage some connecting parts. Therefore, be sure to place the lift handle in the "down" position while driving.

    7. Unloading at a site with a large lateral slope: When the car is lifted, the car's tilting shaft may be permanently deformed, and even more serious may cause a rollover.

    8. The use of safety struts when the goods are not completely discharged may result in an accident, and the safety struts are only used for car inspection and maintenance.

    After purchasing the dump truck, the user should familiarize himself with the manual of the dump truck attached to the dump truck, strictly follow the steps in the operation manual without accident, and regularly maintain and maintain the dump truck. Dump truck attendance and extended service life.

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