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Tire check 3 steps can not be less!

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Tire check 3 steps can not be less!
Latest company news about Tire check 3 steps can not be less!

    According to relevant statistics, the main cause of a car accident on the expressway is not overspeed but a puncture. Even if the speed is only 100 kilometers, as long as the front wheel suddenly blows out of the car, the probability will be very high. Some chassis have higher SUVs. Bus and trucks will even lose control directly.

    How do we judge whether the car's tires can be used normally? The first and most important point is the tire pressure. Some people think that the car's tires are like balloons. The more you inflate, the more dangerous it is. In fact, on the contrary, if the tire pressure of the car is insufficient, when the wheel rotates at a high speed, the sidewall will be squeezed, and the temperature will be too high, which will lead to a puncture.

    We often hear some old drivers say that running a high-speed car tire pressure is not low, which is the reason. The tire pressure is not as high as possible. Generally, a tire pressure standard table is attached to the B-pillar position of the car or behind the fuel tank cap. The owners can mainly give the tire atmosphere according to the standard. Generally, the minimum tire pressure in the city can not be lower than 2.0 Bar and the maximum can not exceed 2.9 Bar. 2.3-2.5 Bar is a relatively normal tire pressure value.

    The second is to check the appearance of the tire and the degree of wear. Before the high speed, in addition to the appropriate tire pressure on the car tires, it is also checked whether the appearance of the car tires is intact, especially the position of the sidewall, if there are obvious scratches or cracks. Replace it immediately, because this situation is more dangerous than a "time bomb."

    Tires have a long service life. Generally, even if the tires are not worn out, they should be replaced with new tires when they are used for 6 years. Usually the new tire has a pattern depth of 8 mm, and the remaining 1.6 mm wear means that the tire needs to be replaced.

    Tires are the first "defense line" for driving safety. Checking car tires before going out or running at high speed is a behavior that is responsible for yourself and the lives of passengers. What do you think of this? What is the tire pressure when you are on the high speed?

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