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Truck night driving precautions

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Truck night driving precautions
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    Driving between cars is more difficult than driving everyday, and the nighttime light is limited, so there will be a series of problems that will cause great interference to the driver and cause unsafe factors. In order to enhance the safety of driving at night, i has compiled some precautions for driving at night. I hope everyone can drive safely on the road.


    Use the lights correctly. Car lighting is the most important guarantee for driving at night, but many people often ignore or not use it properly. First, go out on the road and turn on the lights first. Driving at night is first to turn on the lights, even at the door, there will be blind spots, so it is necessary to develop the habit of turning on the lights on the train. Second, no one has no car to use the high beam, see people see the car for close light. When the vehicle is empty and there is no car in the wild, the high beam can be turned on to obtain a larger field of view when the lighting is not good. However, when there are pedestrians and vehicles in front, it should be replaced with a low beam in time to avoid disturbing others. Third, special weather fog lights. In special weather such as rain or snow or heavy fog, the illumination of ordinary headlights is not strong, and the illumination field of view is very limited. It is necessary to turn on fog-light-assisted illumination, which not only has better vision, but also allows other vehicles to find out early. You, increase the safety factor. Fourth, open the width. The width of the car can be turned on in the early morning or when the sun is setting, mainly to play a warning role.

    Observe the surrounding environment. Pay attention to increase the distance from the front car so that you can brake at any time to prevent accidents when the front and rear cars collide. When driving on city roads, pay attention to pedestrians crossing the road. Some pedestrians will suddenly run out of the road and cross the road. The weather is bad at night or the light is not good. It is easy to see the line blurred. It is easy to see and suddenly run out. Pedestrians. If the fog is very large, the owner can turn on the double flash and turn on the main function of the fog light and the double flash. This is to let other vehicle drivers and pedestrians better observe you and avoid rear-end collisions and scratches. Also pay attention to the road conditions, some ground is uneven or there are foreign objects, we must see clearly adjust the speed and driving direction, especially at high speed, high speed when hitting a large foreign object is easy to cause rollover!

    Control speed. Reduce the number of vehicles at night, but also keep driving at medium speed, do not drive at high speed, be sure to remember safety first! Ten accidents are nine times faster. When driving at night, the line of sight is not just a little bit. The place where the lights are shining is all our sights, so we should drive at night not too high. In particular, some corner roads or roads with intersections are particularly important for controlling the speed of the road. If you encounter poor road conditions or need to avoid them in time, the speed of the vehicle is too high and the visibility is limited.

    Reduce overtaking. When driving at night, try not to overtake or overtake. At night, everyone is not good at driving. If there is no timely attention to the front and rear cars during the overtaking, it is easy to cause a rear-end collision accident, even if it is not their responsibility. But it will also bring losses to the vehicle and even life, it is not worth it! If it is necessary to overtake the car in an emergency, first use the far and near dimming lights to inform the vehicle in front. Wait until the vehicle in front of the road gives way to the turn signal. After passing the vehicle, leave a certain safe distance for the overtaken vehicle and then turn the turn signal. Back to the original driveway!


    In short, the vehicle is driving at night, pay attention to the reasonable use of lighting, maintain a sufficient safe distance, encounter special road conditions to slow down, reduce the number of overtaking, improve the safety factor of night driving, health and health, go home safely!

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