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Tunnel driving precautions

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Tunnel driving precautions
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    The tunnel is actually a closed environment, so most of the tunnels will be equipped with lights inside to ensure safe driving. But what are the precautions for driving down in such an environment?

    1. Open the headlights after entering the tunnel. Although there are lights in the tunnel, when entering the tunnel, the headlights of the vehicle should be turned on in time. At the same time, all drivers need to pay attention to the fact that driving in the tunnel is strictly prohibited to open the high beam, and this is very dangerous. Turning on the headlights in the tunnel will first give the driver a better view and more light to see the road. Secondly, for other drivers, the front and rear distance can be better distinguished. Therefore, the importance of the lights for tunnel driving is self-evident. 

    2. Entering the tunnel and close the window in time. First of all, noise is the biggest worry for a closed environment. The echo in the tunnel will make the person inside the car feel a strong discomfort. Because the sound in the tunnel gathers well, it can generate more decibels of exhaust sound. Therefore, we should close the window in time after entering the tunnel to avoid noise damage to the hearing. In addition, the walls inside the tunnel will have a higher chance to bounce the gravel into the car, causing damage to the passengers inside the car. So enter the tunnel and remember to close the window.

   3. Maintain a safe driving distance. This is actually understood by many drivers and friends, and the safety distance in the tunnel is more important. On an ordinary road, if there is an emergency in front, the distance is not enough to brake, and the emergency can be determined to hide in the direction of the side without a car, but there is not much room for rescue in the tunnel. Therefore, the distance between the tunnels should be kept safe.

    4. Keep the speed of the car not overspeed. To drive in a tunnel, you must maintain your own speed in accordance with the speed limit specified by the speed limit card marked outside the tunnel. The harm caused by speeding I think everyone knows very well, and in the tunnel with dark light, once there is any situation, it is too late to dodge, not to mention the narrow space in the tunnel does not allow the driver to make any compensation. Opportunity, so there must be no speeding in the tunnel.

    5. Can't overtake at will. Some drivers are in a hurry and meet the speed of the vehicle ahead. They don't want to follow behind, so they step on the throttle and prepare to go over. As everyone knows, such an approach will bring great security risks. And some tunnels are relatively narrow. Due to the limited visibility in the tunnel, overtaking may also scrape the vehicle at the same time.

    6. Don't park freely in the tunnel. If the vehicle fails, immediately turn on the hazard warning light. If the vehicle can still drive, you should continue to drive, wait for the tunnel and then stop at the safety zone to get off the train. If the condition of the vehicle at that time is not allowed to continue driving, such as a puncture, sudden loss of power, etc., the car should be managed to move to a special parking spot, open the hazard warning light, and set up a triangular warning sign 150 meters behind the car. Alert the highway management center in a safe area outside the car.

    In short, tunnel driving is different from ordinary roads, and the light in the tunnel is poor, so it is not easy to observe the situation ahead. Therefore, if driving in the tunnel, be sure to turn on the headlights, but do not turn on the high beam. At the same time, keep the distance to the front and the speed of the car, try not to overtake and stop at the tunnel.

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