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What do the sprinkler lights represent?

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What do the sprinkler lights represent?
Latest company news about What do the sprinkler lights represent?

What do the sprinkler lights represent?


When most novices go on the road, they often don't understand the various indicator lights on the dashboard. Here we briefly introduce the function of the common indicator lights on the sprinkler.


  • Water temperature indicator light


The water temperature indicator light of sprinkler mainly shows the temperature of coolant in the engine. It only lights up for a few seconds when the vehicle is self-checking, usually in the state of extinction.

Usually we hear more about the so-called engine "boiling pot", which means that the temperature of coolant exceeds the prescribed value. At this time, we should immediately stop driving and carry out maintenance.


  • Battery indicator light


The battery life of the new sprinkler is at least two years, but if it's a used car or a stock car, you need to pay attention to this indicator light in advance.

The light is also illuminated at the time of vehicle self-checking and turned off after starting. If the indicator is always on after starting, the battery needs to be replaced.


  • Oil indicator light


The indicator light is used to show the pressure condition of engine oil.

Open the key door. When the vehicle is self-checking, the indicator light lights up and extincts after starting. The indicator light is always on, indicating that the engine oil pressure of the car is below the specified standard and needs to be repaired.


  • Seatbelt indicator light


Indicator lights showing the status of seat belts, according to the type of sprinkler, the lights will be on for several seconds to prompt, or until the seat belts are fastened before extinguishing, and some cars will have sound prompts.


  • Engine working state indicator light


Turn on the electric door and light it. It will be extinguished about 3-4 seconds later. The sprinkler engine is normal. If the indicator light is not bright or long, the engine should be repaired in time.


  • Brake indicator light


Show the wear condition of the brake disc and the brake system. If it is on all the time, the brake system should be checked immediately.


  • Refueling indicator light


When you see the light on the sprinkler, it means that there is little fuel in the tank. You'd better go to the gas station right now.

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